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Communion Tray - Matte (Satin) Finish


   31.5 cm
   6 cm

Mayur Exports Communion collection includes this high quality Stainless Steel Communion Tray features with removable Disc. Our Communion Tray is made of high quality food grade stainless steel material.

It’s a classic and simple design for your communion table. Crafted of durable stainless steel construction, featuring with a satin (matte) finish, easy to maintain. Communion tray with disk insert will hold 40 communion cups, and stackable upto 5 pcs for larger congregations. Disk removes for easy cleaning.

Dish Washer or simply clean in lukewarm water and mild soap; dry immediately. Never use harsh detergents. Handle with cotton gloves, if desired, to avoid oils from hands on the communion ware.

Communion ware is a term that refers to the vessels and utensils used in the Christian sacrament of Communion or the Eucharist. These vessels are typically made of metal, such as silver, brass, or pewter, and are used to hold the bread and wine that are consecrated during the service.

The use of communion ware dates back to the early Christian church. The practice of sharing bread and wine during a religious service was established by Jesus during the Last Supper, and the use of specific vessels for this purpose developed over time. In the early days of the church, the vessels used were often simple and made of clay, wood, or glass. As the church grew and became more established, communion ware began to be made of more durable and ornate materials, such as silver and gold.

The use of communion ware is an important part of Christian worship, and it is often seen as a way to honor the sacred nature of the Eucharist. Many churches invest in high-quality communion ware as a symbol of their commitment to the sacrament, and these vessels are often cherished and passed down from generation to generation.

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Communion Tray - Matte (Satin) Finish

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Communion Tray - Matte (Satin) Finish

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